After our races in Slovakia, I was buzzing to race more. So why not go to our neighbours country and friends’ race organised near Ljiubijana. Since it was one day race and also they had classes for dogs over 20kg and under 19.9kg, I have decided to sign up for both with Masi and Laferra. Lafie needed some practise for her racing in Germany during our 7days/7races where I know she will need to step in to let Masi rest a little bit.

Anyway I decided to go on Saturday, sleep over in one of B&B in Ljubijana and race on Sunday. Not great choice of B&B as it was very loud, but at least dogs had a good rest. The race venue on the other hand was fantastic. A beautiful Lake Gradisce near Lukovica in Slovenia.

We arrived on Sunday morning one of the first people. We could choose where to park, so I decided nearby finish rather than start line. Masi likes to go to car straight away for his peace. I went straight away to registration, received bib top and lovely goody bag. Ready! Lucky since I was doing two canicrosses races, the organisers were so nice to give me over an hour break between races so I could cool Masi down before going again with Lafie.

So after all scooters I was off after another canicrossers who was doing two runs too. Masi was surprisingly good and calm at start until he spotted we are going to race. Overall he ran nicely the route of 3.7km up and down around the lake. Little bit running off to the water where there was access, but once told to continue to run, he ran superb.

At the finish we could go to lake for cool down which was just ideal. Masi loves water. Finishing 3rd in category 19-39 dogs over 20kg.

The trails were around the lake, which was a little bit gravel path. There were marshals and tapes on crosses. A few photographers on the way, and unfortunately we met some public but once I shouted they moved off the path.

Another race with princess on the same route. Oh wow how much I froget what a difference is to run with not sled dog. Lafie doesnt lift me uphill as much as Masi, but on the downhills we were flying rather than breaking. It was already slightly hot but she ran super from start to finish, and even managed to overtake some dogs. In category 19-39 dogs under 19.9kg we have finished on 2nd position.

After all races, we could go for nice walk before the podium ceremony. Dogs loved the area and it was nice and quiet around. Within your entry you also got a meal which is quiet cool as after race it is good to eat something warm. The podium ceremony was nice and quick but I managed to switch the dogs for it! Oh Lafie was delighted with her winning the food.

Thanks to organisers and our friends from Slovenia for a fab day, we really enjoyed it.