This event is quiet challenging as canicrossing every day for 7 days is quiet enjoyable but tough. Eventually your legs are giving up. You can register with two dogs and switch between them. The trails change every day and distance is between 4.5-5.8km, with some good elevation. The trails were very interesting, challenging, technical, twisty, really a mix of everything. Here is my experience of it. (note: as much as I loved it, I dont think I will do staged races again! haha)

We stayed at the camping side, I thought I will have nice small house and ended up with literally garden shed.. somehow we managed and after all it wasnt as bad as it looked. Friends helped us to go through that week and borrowed us portable heater so we were nice and warm. Masi was delighted with the “shed”, if he is happy I should be too right?

So here is my day by day little race report.

Day 1.

Race 1 was a random draw and lucky for me, we have been on the top of the start list of canicrossers. Race one would be with Masi and I decided day by day who is going to run since I registered Laferra and Masi. First race was around 4.8km with around 60m elevation gain. Stage 1 we finish 6th and 17th scratch time!

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Day 2

Stage 2 … 5 stages left, today a hard 5.5km with 80 m elevation but very long downhills… which really destroyed your legs. Masi boy as always keen to go today was into practise mode! Overtaking and being overtaken like a pro. We lost one spot just seconds to 6th but we are 7th overall. He did amazing job and no matter the results I am super proud how he copped with this very challenging trails. Galopped all the way, never trotted and super focused. This is just amazing experience for my boy and me.

Day 3

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After “hot thinking” and little help from Coach and Masi’s breeder I have decided that my little boy is going to stand a 3rd time on start line. He is young, but today was nice flat and short course and tomorrow Laferra will take over so the boy can rest again and my legs too.

Stage 3 trail wasn’t fast and easy. For young dogs dogs lot of open field and passing the car park was hard.
Hard decision yesterday was my right decision. Another super positive run from my boy tanking it up and down…. and I think now I get the hint how to run those downhills with you my Boy. Now you deserve at least day rest ♡
Today run we finished on 3rd position but overall after 3 stages we are 6th.

Day 4

Stage 4… shorten from 5.5km to 3.8km… very hard trails in hot weather, but Laferra smashed and I am just an idiot as I keep forgetting she isnt Masi- the tank… after 4 stages we are 7th in our category with over a minute differences to 6th place.

photo by ralf Schomy

Day 5

Today was very interesting stage with reverse start list meaning we had all speediest behind us.

This also meant that there was a big chance for us to overtaking a few ahead of us.

Stage 5… well what can I say.. we are all at the same boat: high temps, heavy legs that don’t want to accelerate anymore, and a lot of different experience. I decided to take my young guns dog out of bench. He was keen to go, and ran super smart: pacing himself on downhills so I could follow faster and helping me when I needed him the most. MASI your head is just amazing, you just love to run. Today we overtook with slow mode due to my heavy legs three people and you just wanted to catch another one. Today stage we finish 5th, and overall we are 6th. I am proud of Masi as it wasn’t the easiest race today. Tomorrow is a big question for me as the weather seems to be hotter than today, so depends on distance shorter or no.
Last two stages will be very mentally tough…

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Day 6

Stage 6 out of 7… until 15 min prior the race we didn’t know the route. I knew one thing … no matter what the decision will be I am not going to change my decision about running princess Laferra. Ok they cut it short… start in waves of 5- little mass start…. unfortunately not the easiest start for my girl but after WCH and ECH she is experienced dog now so if the dog goes for her she knows to go away from it which little distract her. But she copped with the situation very well. A hard trails for little dog like her dragging my ass in grass but she did superb keeping our position strong and not loosing too much time to others. The good thing she was super happy after race ♡ Last stage tomorrow!

Day 7

ohh you wouldnt believe but my thought was such a shame it is last race. (Although body was so happy!)

5 races with my Maserati and 2 races with my La Ferrari 😃 My princess Lafie and her toy boy Masi did amazing!
Today Masi ran faster than his first race- 1st stage on same route just reverse… Today was survival for me to not destroy my feet more and I let the boy work! He made me proud at the finish, passing barking/jumping chihuahua (and it is a challenge for him as he was attacked twice by free running little dogs), he only looked at them and ran super strong to finish line! I am super proud how he gets along now and I cant wait for another race with my boy.
Overall over 7 stages we have finished 6th in our category behind some super athletes and 17th overall in all categories. I am super happy, I know it is time to refocus and work harder than ever. As I know start to believe we can get closer and closer to those speedy one.

photo by Ralf Schomy

Overall amazing experience for me and my dogs. You get to learn a lot running every day on different trails, but also the dogs get better within every race. For young dog like Masi this was just perfect as it put him in different situation. Once again he proved that I should just trust him and follow his steps.

photo by kid dog vancation