Recently being at home, I really didn’t have a clue what to write about since we don’t necessary go anywhere. So I thought maybe to write about a day with Masi. As it is usally same pattern just different if I work or not. For Masi every day is the same routine.


Masi starts to move around as he knows soon the alarm clock will ring. I can feel him as unfortunately he broke my heart and I let him in bed. After all he is a big boy so he takes much space. He loves to have his head on my legs, so I can for sure feel him moving around.


Alarm clock rings. Oh there we go. Masi is up and jumps all over bed giving kisses to Laferra, Roger and digs me out of duvet too. Good morning everyone that what probably is in his head. The new day, new adventures. He is so excited about everything in the morning.


We are up, so I usually let them out into garden for the morning toilet. They all wait in the queue, but of course Masi is making quiet noise to make me be faster (no he isn’t desperate for toilet, he just wants to quickly be out in garden and check whats going on in the world).

Woof woof (or buongiorno everyone) that how they welcome themselves into the garden. Oops sorry (not so sorry) neighbours. While dogs are in the garden, I quickly changed my pjs for running gear and put the kettle on. They are back in, and usually when Masi sees me in running gear he jumps and jumps and jumps and hits everyone with his waggy tail. Poor Lafie, how many times she has been battered by that tail haha So once I wait for my coffee to get ready, Masi is just mad around, jumping and looking into bags if I packed his running harness! He knows when it is free running or harness work. I don’t know how but he just now.

I love my coffee in the morning, and wouldnt leave without at least one. But my morning coffee is just drink as fast as you can, as Masi boy has so much energy and just knocks everything around. He tries to rub his cheeks to my cheeks, gives kisses to Lafie (who is a grump in the morning). I usually really rush my first morning coffee.


Finally we are out! Depends what day of the week it is, it is different things we do. But lets focus on just going for free running. I try to take car, even if it is close, just in case if one of them misbehaves gets into the car. We drive around 200m to the woods near my house, Masi quietly sings his “exciting songs for the trip to woods”. Once we there, I usually let Roger and Lafie first, then him. Laferra waits for him and once he is out, they race each other for at least 200m. I am ok with it as never met a person so early in the woods.

Once me and Roger jog, Masi and Lafie race back to us, and away again. I like that they keep “checking-in”. I dont like if they are missing for longer. Masi is very good to stay on path and doesnt run off. Lafie loves birds so sometimes she goes to venutre off paths, but she comes back quickly while I whistle.

After few minutes, the racing slows down and Masi stops to sniff around more and more. All dogs know the route so they know where we go. Run and sniff in the early morning is the best.


We are back home. Usually if they were good they got the balls at the end of walk/runs in the woods. Masi always carries his ball to the garden and sticks with it until breakfast time. I like when they cool down from all that free running. Masi just sits with his ball and watches the world passing. If a car passes he barks for a little bit, but then he watches again.


Time for breakfast, Masi brings his ball. All dogs make noise but wait nicely for me to fill their bowls. Finaly mniam yum yum plah plah plah! Food gone and Masi always needs to get out for a proper toilet after food. (I wish to have that good metabolism haha!)

they still sit like this when I fill their bowls.

Finally at 7am it is time again for some snoozing. Usually I go to work so they snooze until I am back but now my comapny still let us work from home, it is minimum of three hours. Not much fun when Masi snoozes, he only changes positions or the place where he sleeps.

Zzzzz, few more hours later Masi is again full of life, he wags his tail so much that he hits everything and other two dogs too. He also shows it is time for him to go to garden. This time he stays longer and just watch world pass by. He has two favorite spots: by the gate where he can see whats happening outside our gate and doormat where he can keep an eye on me being inside too.

And thats pretty much all repeated until it is dinner time. When it is dinner time Masi just stares at you like he is trying to make you feel guilty that you didnt feed him. Sometimes (depends what day it is of the week) we will go for little walk around the woods and than back 30min rest and dinner time. Masi loves his food. He usually watches me preparing it from his bed, and when i tell him to come over he sits and waits for my sign to eat it.

I might be very lucky that he knows that on Monday and Friday he isnt going to run at all and he just sleeps all day long. Other days he knows he gets to run, play and be more often in garden.