In past I wrote the post how my life changed with a pointer type of the dog, this time I will focus on how much my life have changed with an eurohound puppy. If you are interested to read my other post, click here:

Firstly I want to highlight that making decision about DRD This is Me, Masi boy took me almost over a year. Here are the steps I took:

  • decide greyster or eurohound
  • girl or boy
  • choose breeder
  • put name down on wait list
  • wait for a year

As you can see it wasn’t just easy go and pick up puppy thing. I wanted make sure few things were well planned and decided about. I can see many people rushing for a puppy as it looks nice and boom… they complain it doesnt run or something is not quiet there. This is decision you made for at least 10-12 years, so make sure you feel it and follow your heart. I understand sometimes circumstances changed but just follow your heart.

Ok once all these has been agreed the wait began and surprisingly flew by super fast. I will never forget when firstly we all found out the litter will be only one puppy (my world was half broken) and then few months later I was the lucky out of 2 who stayed on the list until the birth day, which happened 15th February and I still remember that when my breeder called me around mid day I just couldn’t believe what she was saying….

Once I realised it was a boy and he is mine, I was really overwhelmed. Anyways you can read couple other posts about puppy and life with a puppy or introduction to the world.

It has been three months that Masi boy is with us and my life changed a lot having now three dogs.

I was prepared for a puppy joining with hiding everything starting from cable to shoes. I made sure all around was ready for him. Oh what a surprise… He only chewed so far on his toys and nothing else. The curtains were quiet interesting for him but he gave up quickly on that. Three dogs that means full hands. I like to make sure all three are exercised well and at the same time I didnt want to do too much with Masi, so we increase his activities within the time. I started with only Roger/Laferra running, and then switch for Masi for walk. In total almost over an hour every morning gone, but three happy dogs.

Finally I was happy to let Masi and Laferra be off lead together as I knew Masi will come back if I call him, which was work in progress. With Masi off lead I need to have eyes around my head, as making sure he is safe, there are no people or cars approaching. He is still learning that not every human loves him saying hi jumping to them. I am very lucky that where I live woods in the morning are empty so it is only us there.

At the beginning I was able to have three dogs for walk within public walks, at the moment it is too much, as all three are very strong. In empty place I can have them together, and possibly if safe have Laferra and Masi, but a lot of place I am still exploring so need to make sure I control them and I know whats around, so it is easier to split them in groups. This is also great opportunity to have some one to one with each dog.

A simple example of the situation, three dogs off lead… Roger started to chase something, and I thought there is nothing around really, I call him but well we know he has zero recall. Masi and Laferra follows, Masi swims with Laferra to other side of the swim and disappear in corn field. oh oops! I know one thing, Laferra has good recall and she scoops Masi on the way back too. All god but if this would happen somewhere I wouldn’t know I probably would panic a lot.

A walking planning routine has changed a lot due to that fact and we need extra time to walk all three. On the other hand at home things changed slightly too, Masi is just a puppy, but he learns super fast from other two. I dont want him to get bad behaviour, so I would even call myself a control freak and I am making sure no bad behaviours from others. But hey ho not everyone is perfect.

In the house itself I feel very lucky Masi only chews on his toys, and he loves a good lie on a sofa.

Actually I have been changing this post for two weeks now. Why? I really thought something change, but my life is more fulfilled having him in our life. He brings something extra to our life, a stubborn funny dog who has some brilliant ideas and for just 7 months old puppy is super smart.

The only one thing that really change is that I am more careful and check before I let my dogs off lead. Everything else is like it was before just with three dogs. My eurohound is my pet and he fits the pack superb. He also has no problem being left alone or with others. At home he is one happy dog, he knows how to relax outside in the garden or in the house. Masi loves sitting outside and watch world pass by…. the birds, the people, the lizards…. he is just one happy dog to be with me and my two other muppets.

Watch out for our next post! It will give you a little bit insights how I started the training for the sport with Masi boy.