We were lucky that a week after Vulcanicross there was another race organised so we could plan a little bit holidays.

Storming the trails with my girl

AAA NL is an event organised by our Dutch friends in lovely area of Helden. Lovely small town in south-east part of Netherlands. The race is part of the AAA series (France, Belgium and Netherlands) and it is only monosports. With the high temperature during week, I was worrying a little bit for dogs, but luckily for the weekend the temps dropped down to be just perfect.

On a Friday we have walked the trails and it really felt like very long trails! I was like oh we might really suffer as it was technical, twisty, sandy, rooty and really everything out there. During our inspection Roger and Laferra were super powerful and pulled my arms. I thought this is super exciting trails for them (lets hope).

Rogerowski going strong in short course

After our holidays I have decided this race I will do both dogs: long course and short course. That was the best idea ever, my dogs loved it! And both worked really well.

On Day 1

You go and pick up your number and this is how you start. I like that as it is very random and if you think through you can put yourself well if the dog like to chase. You can be last to chase everyone, or be like us in the middle and dont care. Laferra was brilliant on a Day 1 and worked really hard over 5km long trails. Roger was loving being back racing and even tho I thought it will be a nice easy run for me, he didnt make it easy for me. Love him so much that he thinks he is big dog! He is a winner for me. Roger just wants to run, so focused and not bother if other dogs lunged or sniff him during his canicross. Our results in a table doesnt look good but for me what it counts that once again we are closing the gap to the fastest in the world, with either dog (yes even with Roger).

Flying towards finish line

On Day 2

On a day 2 I knew Laferra was very tired and she was a little bit slower today but still worked hard. Roger ran very consistent and loved every single step of his run. Additionally I was asked if I would like to run with a hound Yuki from a friend Mischa in fun run which was only 1.2km. I thought brilliant lets try it. Oh wow.

Yuki <3

I was very tired after 4 runs and my dogs didnt make it easy for me. Well! I was super excited to run with Yuki. Another opportunity and experience to run with a big gun dogs. Oh and it was superb and we flew. Thank you to Mischa who trusted me with the boy. After some good chatting this partnership may become something big this season 🙂 But sorry you need to wait!

AAA NL was an excuse to spend some time with Mister Masi too since my breeder was organising the event and she brought him for his first race experience. Teach them young they say. He is such a fearless boy.

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Mister Masi

Thank you to All organisers and friends for an awesome event, we already want to know the dates for next year as we will be back. Three runs every day?! 😀