Welcome to our new better blog. The old one died but I feel like with our changes in life it is actually perfect to start from zero.

Little bit shame as 2 years of blogging, all the posts are gone but well.

So meet the team:

Masi (Maserati)- a Dutch Racing Dog This is Me “Masi” is a limited edition from Craft and Lennox. He was born only one. He is full of energy and my very first eurohound- a proper purpose breed for the sport. He loves running free and in running harness. His passion is to sit in the garden and watch the world pass. Lafie and Roger are his besties for life.

Roger– Scottish staffie x border collie rescue with a lot of behaviour problems such as awful separation anxiety and zero recall, even tho we have tried to train it. Roger is one of those dogs that it is way too smart and overthinks. Canicross changed him a lot and it seems that it helped with his issues. He is one happy dog running: canicross, bikejoring or scootering even tho he is just 15kg. For Roger it doesnt matter what, it matters that he is out and about with us.

Laferra (from italian La Ferrari)- my golden girl! pointer cross all the way from Greece. Laferra is just perfect dog: amazing off lead and loves canicross, even tho she is very submissive and shy. Laferra is very fast and quick as only 18kg. She loves bikejoring and can easily compete with strong dogs if I would focus on training fitness for bike. She is one happy dog to sleep in when she can, but once outside she enjoys every minute running around chasing birds.

Agata (me, myself)- full-time worker spending every free time to be out with dogs training hard. I discovered canicross and the rest sled dog sport in February 2016 in Scotland. Since then I have managed to compete around the UK, but also around Europe at various races. I am also qualified dog behaviourist.

From March 2019 our team will be based in Italy which means the doors for European races open even more. While I will work 5 days a week, dogs will rest and we will go on adventures during weekends. Follow us for updates, our calendar for 2019 looks very exciting! Bring on being back to continent!