In Italy a lot of places near water (lake or sea) dont allow dogs in a water, which is very sad for me as I know how much my dogs love water. However there are place specially open for dog’s owners such as this one in Peschiera at Lago di Garda.

I thought that many people comes here for holidays with dogs, so I have pre-boooked to deckchairs and umbrella for us. What an amazing prices. Deckchair is 6 euro and umbrella 3 euro, your dog comes free and gets its own bed to lie on. The place is open from 9 up to 18, and if you do reservation they keep it on the day of reservation until 11am.

At start I thought it may be a disaster, so many dogs at one place, but I really wanted to experience it with my eurohound and see how he copes with it.

We have arrived around 10 (not many people were out there yet) and a very welcoming staff explained all the rules to us:

  • keep your dog on lead when on the beach
  • in water you decided but dog can be on or off lead

We have paid by cash and they also showed us toilets and changing room which were included. A staff member told us about drinkable water and that we can grab a bowl for our dog, finally he took us to our place. Oh wow! So much space around and even special chain attached to umbrella where I could have attached a lead. I put the towels out and Masi just knew which bed is for him and lie down straight away.

Being attached to umbrella stand let Masi to walk around us if needed with a safe distance from others. A few people around already in water with their dogs, so I thought there is our chance too.

Oh ouch, my advice is to buy yourself shoes for swimming as stones were killing my feet. More dogs and people were coming by 12 oclock. The umbrellas were in very safe distance from each other so I felt dogs felt good with their own space even tho they could see each other.

Masi was just looking around and not even interested in getting to water. He even slept without any problem with noise around.

The satff memeber told as also that if we decide to go for lunch, we should leave our towels so they know we will come back. We actually decided to go for a walk and nice lunch. I knew a different part of Peschiera and if I am honest I didnt really like it as it was just not my kind of place.

This part of Peschiera looks lovely and more natural than other part, we took a path to city centre and it was nice shadowed walk. \We have approached a nice restaurant, but I said to mum I will go and check if we can have a dog with us as it looked really nice.  Once again a very friendly staff member told me we can have him inside or just sit outside on patio. Oh wow this is superb.

As I know Masi, we could just enjoy our lunch while he just lied down and wasn’t even bother with waiters passing him all the time. I am super proud of that dog.

Oh what a great day out we had!

Note: we didnt even use much that magic pate for making sure Masi behaves hahah!