We have been very quiet but it is due to the fact I was very busy and not really in mood to write anything. However now after 9 days in Italy it is time to share with you everything from the move!

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Lake Garda in the morning

After few months of constant packing, stress and so on, we were finally on the route. My whole family got involved and I am super happy to have them. The trip from Scotland was super long as it took us in total 37 h on the road and we had a good night sleep half way through too.

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Best Family

We have planned so we stopped every 4h, as you may know in the UK the service stations are absolutely amazing as dogs could properly stretched their legs running off lead. The dogs were doing well eating and drinking no problem (I was worrying they would stress). Once we passed Eurotunnel, the driving in France was expensive but also I can say service station were even better for dogs, totally off lead running in parks. Absolutely great for dogs.

We have finally arrived but stayed one night in Lazise, Lake Garda at Camping Du Parc. Absolutely amazing place for camping and very dog-friendly.

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Finally we have picked up keys for our house! Dogs were a little bit alert to start with all the noises, but within few hours they got used to the area and our neighbours’ dog.

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Our Home

After such a long 3 days, 2 very tired dogs started to settle very well. I am very surprised how well they copped with everything. After a week in our home they totally love our garden, and keep showing me they want to just stay out there. All under control as making sure they dont bark while alone in the garden. So far they are just amazing!

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Two tired dogs

If anyone from these trio, it was me who was the most stressed about the whole move and travelling. Now we are settling in totally new country with totally new language and culture. Everything is so good and everyone loves Roger and Laferra: bonitos <3 🙂