For the first time I have decided to go to Switzerland for the races. We have never competed there so I thought this is great opportunity.

The race was happening over weekend, two days races. However overall it worked different than I was used to. So you could compete over two days, but only one your best time counted towards podium and finial classification, which is great as you could run two different dogs, or actually do two different classes over two days with the same dog. It was like two separate races, but your best time taken for final result. This meant that each day you needed to register (fill the form) and pay . Another plus was you could only compete on one day. The price for first start (Day 1) was around 20 euro, and second start (Day 2) around 10 euro, for each start you needed to fill the form which you then needed to bring to start line (which was quiet funny as not ideal when you hold to your kangaroo haha).

Another different thing was that each race day we were given slots: Day 1: 3pm-6pm and Day 2: 8.00am-11.30am when you could go out on the trail. It doesnt matter if you were doing wheels, or canicross or even if you are a child canicross hehe you only needed to remember the color of your trails. This was exciting but at the same time gave me extra nerves as I wasnt sure when to start and who I will meet on the trails.
On Friday I have checked the trails with Roger, and wow I felt that 3.03km is super tough and heavy! I thought this will be bloody hard work! It turned around that on pretty my favourite distance there was +120m elevation. Trails were very nicely signed, there was water at the finish for dogs, and everything around was nicely organised. Trails were pretty much 2 steep uphills and 2 steep downhills 😀 I have never done such a course with Masi. We trained a bit at home on stoney downhill to go easy but hey this was race so no easy right?

Day 1
A long wait as just afternoon slot, which I was a bit unsure how to prepare for it. I guess Masi’s prep was way easier than mine. Anyway I also decided to go out there as first person as possible to avoid many wheels passing us with fast speed on those downhills. Afterall it was my first time with such a rules. At start line you gave the organisers a form with all your details and they contacted the finish line to let us start. Oh how surprised I was that Masi boy just lined out and waited for the count down! We were off. Firstly we have passed a canicross child with adult, then we have passed a person who was taking part in “canimarche”, then we met a bikejorer on the uphill so it was way easier for us to overtake, and nearby the finish line we overtook quickly two canicrossers. Ah Masi, now you know what you are doing. I run quiet safely on those downhills as they were hard for me.
Day 2
Today I have decided to go as first as possible, however when I have checked there were many bikers keen to go with fresh air, so I waited around 20min! We were good to go. Noone there only one scooter behind us. But thats ok they can overtake. I brought the form again, and we waited for the count down, today Masi was barking a little bit but we defo needed to wait longer at start line than day one as there were a lot of finishers. We were once again off on the trails. Today I decided to really try push and fly those downhills behind Masi, and not using easy at all! We have managed to improve our time by almost 45sec.

Overall I absolutely loved the idea of three hours slot and you decide when you go out on trails. I encouraged different things over those two days, and Masi for another time proved me I can trust him. A suprised organised race is defo one to come back:) Unlucky we have missed the podium by 5 seconds.

Final Canicross Women results