Italy really surprises me how dog-friendly it is here. Apart from that every restaurant allows you to come with dogs, the areas are so dog-friendly having parks for dogs and so on. Italians are strict only on signs with keep your dog on lead or have a muzzle, but in reality it is so easy and no need for all these.

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Little trip to Chioggia

It is a coastal town and commune of Venice in the Veneto region, around 110km away from Verona. The town is situated on a small island with lovely small canals, at the entrance to the Lagoon of Venice, south of Venice, causewayes connect it to the mainland and to its frazione of the Sottomarina.

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We have parked in Sottomarina at the public parking, so we had a nice walk through the beach or promenade to actual Chioggia. Everywhere many people and dogs, so I was delighted to have Masi with me.

If you think it was way too hot for us as it is July and mid summer here, I can say nope. Only 24 degrees and a nice breeze from the water to keep us all cool.

Chioggia is a miniature version of Venice and Italians say that it is more of local place to go instead of Venice. It is very often called “Little Venice”.

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First we walked around to find the perfect place to sit down. Masi was an attraction for everyone as he just nicely sat and watched the birds. What else would you want from a 5 months old puppy haha All people wanted to say hi to him and asked about breed and his name. Great time for me to practise my Italian.

After little walk we walked back to Sottomarina to check on my brother at the beach. On the way from Chioggia you walked through long bridge and on the way you pass a park, which is perfect for rest in shadow with benches. It is great for kids with some swings, but mainly it was dog-friendly and had a lot of bins around. Ideal place to rest.

I have decided to sit down a little bit in shadow and rest. Masi was great, he just lied down under bench and rested little bit too.

After 45minutes we continue our walk. Near park there are public toilets so in case if you are with dog, quiet easily accessible.

We continue walk and passed a lot of Ice Cream shops. Finally arrived at Sottomarina and walked to the public beach number 13. There were signs that you need to keep dog on lead. The beach itself is the best around number 10ish, as it is wide however it is full of people. My brother told me that everyone goes into water with their dogs so I tried with Masi too. Happy boy swimming around and catching up the waves. I think this was his first time. He swims like a pro all by himself.

We finally decided to call the day, but walked by the sea. People were stopping me and asking about Masi, he was just happy to continue walking and making his paws wet.

If your dog is ok with so many stimulation then this is the place to go. Every beach or city restaurants are fine with dogs. We had fantastic day out and small adventure to the Adriatic sea.