Corri in Vigna a race organised by Dog Endurance in lovely wine yard Ca’del Bosco, Erbusco. This was first time event in this location, but it was a 5th stage of the Italian Canicross Dog Endurance Championship of the Italian Sports Canine Federation. It was also a first stage of the Enjoy Tripe Trophy which will have a 2nd stage in the Casano Citta dello sport.

As this was quiet local race, I thought this will be great experience of a new venue, trails and new organisation for us. There more experience we get the better it gets. We have arrived to an amazing wine yard! Oh wow even the gate was stunning.

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View At The Part Of The Trails

We were showed where to park and we went to register us. I asked the organisers before I have signed if it is possible for me to do twice the long course as it was only 3.5km so I thought I can do this no problem with two dogs. Well … me and my bloody brilliant ideas.

Registration was easy and then we head with dogs for the vet control. Oh some familiar faces, the vet said he remembers us from the Italian Championship and said he can see Roger is better hydrated but still should improve that (I am still learning due to change climate it seems dogs need a better controlled over hydration). The vet checked chips, heart beats and also stretched dogs a little bit to feel for the movement of legs and muscles. I was very impressed that they care about all these at such a local/small race. Big Bravo! We were good to go!

So my start with Laferra was at 9:25 and Roger at 9:50. I thought that will be easy and I will have at least 10 min to hydrate Lafie and take out Roger.

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Long Course Nr 1

Well this was a new experience with Laferra as we have never been seeded first so this time as I was doing the same course twice I was putted as first from all the canicrossers. Well I was worrying that since it is so quiet Laferra wont know this is a race and she needs to run.

Well my dogs will always surprise me. She knows, 3….2….1…. Let’s go and she is pullying me on a little bit uneven start up the hill. For the first time my dogs saw so much tape around the trails and they both were a little bit confused and were trying to run their ways! We have managed. Running through the wine yard.. oh the smell… the views… just beautiful. Loving every step with Laferra, oh wait what’s that? Water spray are going up and spray water, at first Lafie looks at me running and she isnt sure, but eventually enjoyed a cool down! We ran through single trail where we had a lot of birds in bushes for a good distractions and barking dogs in the houses nearby. Laferra was on and off but I was very pleased with her and she didnt even have a problem to run through wooden bridge to the finish line.

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Long Course Nr 2

I finished and ran to the car to get Roger out as by the look on my watch I only had 9 min to my next start. A quick hydration for Laferra who needed to wait for Alberto to take her out for cool down walk (he was just 5-7min behind us). I prepared Roger and he was keen to go. The 3.5km was demanding on the legs: grassy, hilly and stonny! I thought Roger will hate it, as we aren’t used to run with stones and he defo will hate me. Ok I have 5 min so we are off to start line with Roger.

I was very tired but Roger was very strong and keen to go. Usually his fautless with directions but this time tape got him a little bit confused. Once again what an amazing experience. Loved it and funny enough marshalls were surprised me running again in such a short time again. Duo cani đŸ˜€

Loved it once again and really felt tired. For a break before the ceremony, we could visit the wine yard factory for free. Absolutely love that we had a tour and they explained to us how the wine is made. Although it was in Italian, so I only understood a little bit.

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Female And Male Best Canicross Times Of The Day

The ceremony was a bit different then we are used as we were indoor and were allowed to take dogs. Overall 1st place with Laferra only beating Roger by 28sec who got himself 2nd place in DCW out of only two canicrossers. Overall scratch time of the Female Canicross making us a winners of the big bottles of wine. Yum!

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Amazing Prizes

Loved the experience and everything around the event. Superb organisation!