We have arrived to Italy in time for our first CSEN Italian Championship. Let’s start from the beginning…As a foreigner not speaking Italian I found it very easy to sign for the race with help of google translator everything seems clear and easy.

I have decided to only sign for one class as due to the move I didn’t know if Laferra would be up for racing as I know how sensitive she is with things. Things went as I planned and Laferra wasn’t up for racing so I decided to run with Roger which actually was brilliant idea. All three of us were very tired so Italian Championship turned into training and experience race.

photo by Massimo Mazzasogni (www.maxdreams.it)

We arrived on Friday and I was super happy to see the vets around so we could do our vet check. I was very surprised how well both vets checked Roger and even gave me advice on better hydration for him. Roger wasn’t really happy to be touched by stranger (new experience for him either), but all good and we were good to go. I picked up an amazing goody bag full of nice things like buff, bag backpack and some goodies for dogs with passes to enter start line and my pre-paid food vouchers.

Day 1

I dont know why I was very nervous, probably 5 months of not racing made me forgot the feeling before the races. I was panicking if I have everything. Of course I forgot to put chip on! Plenty time so we were all good. To enter the start line you needed to have a band a different colour for each day! Loved this idea as at least only people who were allowed for event were in pre-start field. Day 1 we were put to start 2nd in line. All good and Roger is getting super excited. I asked the organiser to count in English 😀 The trails were demanding for dogs as a lot of turns, but also you could see the other athletes ahead which probably would make Laferra to go under tape haha

Strava image of the trails

Roger was perfect on every turn and straight and absolutely good boy when people overtook us. The trails were very well marked or taped so we knew where we were going. Unfortunately the move and stress involved made my body tired so not the fastest run with my boy.

Photo By Massimo Mazzasogni (Www.Maxdreams.It)

After races everyone chilled at stake out or had socialising food and drinks 😉 A great opportunity to talk and meet our new Italians Amici.

Day 2

Today I was more relax and I thought it will be an easy run for us. I just wanted to make it positive for Roger and for my head. We were 7th yesterday so I just hoped we could keep the spot. Roger was more keen today than yesterday but I thought ok I can do it for him. We were off and absolutely loved it. We ran well even tho athletes behind us caught us we didn’t let them totally pass us. Roger worked very hard and we have finish the week on 7th position. We will defo be back. Absolutely loved everything about it.

Overall I am glad I ran with Roger as he is a little better during the stress situation. Now I know what to expect from next races so I can focus on running with Lafie. The course was 3.4km long and the weather was quiet hot (temp was maybe around 15-18degrees for canicross), so in sun it was very hot! We are still getting used to that yellow thing in the sky!

Photo By Massimo Mazzasogni (Www.Maxdreams.It)

Overall CSEN did great and we are looking forward to next season full series races. Thank you to Massimo for an amazing photos. Love seeing my boy smiling and working very hard on his tiny legs.