Another trip to Lago di Garda, this time a day out to Desenzano del Garda with a trip by boat to Sirmione. As you probably noticed Desenzano and Lago di Garda trips are my favourites. I always take my boy for a trip so we can experience a little bit of Italy together and check how dog-friendly is the surrounding.

Desenzano is a town on the southwestern shore of Lake Garda. The remains of the Roman Villa include elaborate mosaic floors. The Antiquarium is home to artifacts excavated at the villa, such as kitchenware and lamps.

Sirmione is a resort town on the southern bank of Lake Garda. It is known for its thermal baths, a medieval caste overlooking the lake.
Set at the tip of a peninsula, the Archaeological Site of Grotte di Catullo encompasses a Roman villa, a museum and olive trees. Just below the ruins is the rocky Jamaica Beach.

We started our day in Desenzano, where are a lot of parking places to park your car. It is a nice town to have a walk near the Lake with plenty places to grab something to eat, coffee, ice-cream and relax. Along the lake there are few places with stony beaches where you can relax and swim. We have been here many times, so Masi boy as always was excited and just kept walking like he knows the place well. Nice walk along the lake, where Masi spotted a lot of ducks. On the way to the harbour where we were taking the boat to Sirmione are plenty places to give water to your dog or just drink from tap yourself.

We have decided to grab some food before we catch the boat to Sirmione. A lovely restaurant by the shore, of course dog friendly so Masi boy just lied down and watched passing people. We could also keep an eye on the boat ticket office, as it only opens 15minutes before the boat goes away.

The single journey costs 3 euro, and return 6 euro. You can also buy tickets on boat by it means you will be charged an euro extra. Your dog goes on free and there is no limit to how many dogs you can have. This was a new experience for Masi as it was very crowded and I wanted to help my dad buying tickets. We stood in queue and he was just wagging his tail around of all those people. Funny situation was when the tickets cashier gave my dad a POS device to put pin via a small window which was on Masi’s face height and he licked the guys hands thinking he is giving him treats. Oh gosh… so funny to see the guy face when it was supposed to be my Dad entering his PIN hahaa

The only rule that the boat company highlights is that you need to have a muzzle for your dog, in case there would be a problem with another dog. We didnt need to use and there were other dogs on board. Masi just lied and relaxed watching other dogs.

The boat takes around 20-25minutes, it has toilets and the bar with refreshments. You can find a space for yourself and sit down, relax for few minutes with a lovely views of the shore.

I think new experience for Masi was passing the bridge, he didnt want to go himself so I decided to grab him and just carry him on board.

Once we were on board, we found a place to sit down and enjoy the nice views. Masi just sat/lie down and relaxed.

Seriously I was super proud to see Masi so relaxed and not bother about the noise or so many people around. Nice and calm boy.

When we got to Sirmione I waited for everyone to leave the boat as I wanted to give Masi a chance to pass the bridge himself and he did it.

Yay Masi you are the Champ already, confident and storming the World by my side. We were finally in Sirmione, which was overload with people even for me. I was worrying about it but we walked towards castle and then decided to go to panoramic path, where I was hoping Masi can go into water to cool down. The whole Sirmione was in shadow, so no problem to have a dog during the sunny day.

A lot of people, dogs and smells for the boy. Absolutely awesome.

A nice way in a shadow to other part of Sirmione, with much less people and lovely tiny streets. We kept walking and taking photos. It was actually much quieter than in Harbour or near the castle.

Finally we arrived to other part where was an amazing view on Lago di Garda with small beach.

Well this time I decided to let Masi be the boss and he went deep into water and started swimming around. I thought this was great for him to get cool, but not so great for me as I was literally soaked.

He swam and played around with water while my family had a proper rest in shadow. Oh so much change in Masi towards water in just couple weeks.

Finally after nice walk on promenade we decided to go back towards harbour and grab some ice-creams. Oh yum, Mango organic is our favourite.

Relax for me while Masi watched the duck, while everyone was queuing already for the boat back to Desenzano. It was very busy, but that wasn’t a problem for my boy.

Wagging his tail, saying hi to people or just relaxing on a ground, thats my boy. Finally the boat arrived. It was way smaller than the one we got to Sirmione. The boat was full of people, but I found space to sit so Masi could just relax and sit. I didnt expect that he will just not care and lie down.

People wanted to pat and say hi to Masi, but he was just not interested at all. He just focused on his tonno pate and just lie down on ground for some rest.

Absolutely amazing day. You need to think about at least 6h all together for that kind of trip. You will have plenty time to walk, eat and have a swim in lake.