DogTriathlon has organised a DogSwimRun which involved running at the beach, running through water and a bit of swimming. When I first read about this I thought oh wow this is crazy but maybe I should try something different. Another race environment would have been good for Masi and I, so I thought I will join and try, even if we both hate it, it would have been experience and I would just stop and not finish it.

Firstly we needed to apply for the place, due to fact that there were limited posts to compete. We got in, so I was very excited. In meantime the organisers were sending a lot of relevant and important information via email about event. I was very impressed with all the details provided prior to the race.

We arrived at the Bau Beach di Lignano Sabbiadoro where this event was happening in parallel with Acuqarunning without dogs. This was my first time in Lignano and the beach is defo one of the prettiest I have seen. It was very clean and super busy. The organisers were already there. So we were able to do the vet check, who check heart rate and all Masi body (vet even made notes for afterwards when he checked again all the dogs). We also received and awesome goody bag! Good bag had an awesome top, heart slow eating bowl, some treats for dogs, swimming cap and long sleeves. The tshirt won for me, and I am already super obsessed with it.

Source DogTriathlon advert

Afterall we had a briefing where the organisers explained all and at 8am we were ready to go. Masi was very good during briefing but then got a bit impatient and wanted to go (barking!). We were starting as 6th duo after men duos. I was excited as much as Masi at this time, as the race involved 3 loops, which means we would have needed to pass a lot of each other with everyone. We had 30sec between people, and the guys ahead said dont worry we will leave you space in case you come through. It was nice knowing they thought we will catch them hahah thank you for extra motivation.

Foto by Pierluigi Marchesan

We were off, Masi was super excited and dragged me to water. There is me thinking ooo he will want to go around, but there is Masi running into water and smashing it.

Foto By Pierluigi Marchesan

At first it isnt deep enough for him to needing to swim, so he pulls me, I tried to run, but it is very difficult as my whole legs are in water. We get to the point where was one marshal and the water was deep, Masi started swimming around boye and we continue running, the next water was mix again and I gave up on running as not possible if we need to do three times the same loop. Boom we passed three pairs from ahead of us in this water! hahaha Great Masi lets go.

Foto By Pierluigi Marchesan

Unfortunately the photographer was on the trails, which made Masi super confused which way to run, as normally they are on the side! Quickly I corrected Masi and we conitnued, now we started to run, oh my legs are heavy, but the boy goes! One loop done and we are off for another.

Foto By Pierluigi Marchesan

Now he knows what he is doing he was even stronger than during first loop. Oh Masi, you are my only one! I decided to try to keep a bit of energy for last loop and storm it. Last loop was a bit tough as we needed to overtake a few folks and that was our last loop, so the finish was getting opened for us! Masi was confused as he wanted to overtake (the girl ahead of us needed to do another loop) and we were going straight ahead. A bit mistake from my side, but we have finished! My legs were totally done (who would have thought!), but Masi, Masi boy was ready to go more and still a bit hyper! After a check by vet, we cool down and I decided to leave him in the car. I was told that for ceremony dogs werent allowed so I was happy to give Masi his well deserved rest.

Foto By Pierluigi Marchesan


So since it was National Championship, even tho Masi and I won by time, we couldnt get the prize and title due to me not having italian passport (1.5year to go 😀 ).

A bit disappointed, but I guess I should get used to it… Not the first time that this happens because we I am not Italian (once I received a medal…. blank medal!- lets leave it without comment!). Anyway for category podiums we were called. Oh I thought no dogs allowed so I only had Lafie with me as I knew I can leave her with someone else for getting my prize. Oh well she will claim Masi’s prizes haha! oopsie.

We received a beautiful medal, rosette for the dog, an amazing hoody (I am in love already) and what I call “italians favorite prize: sack backpack” and buffs. Absolutely loved it. Despite not being able to get National Champ trophy, I am delighted we did the best time of women and men in the day.

Masi with his winning Rosette

Here you can find the overall results.

Overall results

I would like to thank you the organisers for creating super fun day for and a nice safe and good race for dogs.

Foto By Pierluigi Marchesan