On the 18th October there was a race organised near our home in Trenta. The location was at the Agroturismo La Bisa, a lovely place with ponds, woods and fields. As it says it is agrotourism place so there were a lot of animals such as horse and goats, which was quiet exciting for Roger.

Due to current situation with covid, all the measurements and rules were put in place and organisers made sure to follow it all. The parking place was great with plenty space to choose however walking for the vet check was a little bit trek from the main car park. I just drove as close as possible with Masi, took him quickly for the vet check where they checked his passports for all vaccines and his heart. Both vets spoke english! Everything was happening outside, and people queue with distance from each other which is perfect with dogs! There were lines on ground for queuing anyways! I like that this social distancing forces people to be more careful and stay away from each other. I hate other dogs into my dog face. While we passed the vet check, we moved on to pick up the bib and our good bag…. Oh man I love that good bag: little backpack/bag (which I used for shoes), dogs toothbrushes, hand cream, and foldable bowl for dogs (which I had for sometime on my wish list to buy). Love it!

I have managed to check the trails with Roger, and it was very nice flat and quiet fast trails so I was excited. The start list was mix and almost seeded from all athletes within 1 min between runners due to covid.

So off we go… waiting in the box area I see one of the athletes ahead of us is late for his start… Great it means I need to wait at least 2 min longer in waiting box and this is not ideal as Masi is little bit crazy. Time to go to start line, and he is crazy jumping out so I really needed to focus to hold him close. Unfortunately little bit stressful as noone at the start line spoke english as I tried to tell them they were all late ahead of me, and this is not my start line. I thought I will deal with it later..

Off we go, little bit twisty at the start and I am flying to corners as Masi goes really sharp and short. First 2km was great we really well, until we hit the first straight in the sun! It was mentally tough for me and felt well longer than I remembered it from walk.

Masi ran great, unfortunately last few km my legs were gone and I just couldnt accelerate. It is weird as I thought maybe I am still tired after German races.

Anyhow we have finished the race which was again good experience for my boy to pass the pond not wanting to go in, and it was quiet warm so he wanted to, but pass by, and the finish line was confusing a lot of taping and blowed up massive thing on little uphill! We had cheering people on the side too so Masi was little bit all over the place. Great fun anyhow.

Due to rules for podium ceremony they informed us when to take off the mask for the photos. Masi bagged himself second 2nd place medal. And also we got a prices: of our friend alcoholic bottle (I cant wait to drink it) and socks. What a fantastic day with our Italian dog sport family. Everyone respected the rules and I thought it was very safe to participate. I hope we can continue to race at least here in Italy…

photos by Massimo Mazzasogni and Lorenzo Colombo