On the 21st/22nd November Lucky Sleddog Club South Tyrol organised a two days race here in Italy. The race was different for me than usually attended in Italy as this one included “big teams” too. The location of a beautiful Riserva San Massimo. Before the race the organisers communicated a few rules that all participants needed to follow as part of a guidance against covid19.

To participate in the race you needed to become a FIDASC member and then pay for the class you wanted to participate. I was tempted for our first scooter (but so good I havent as it was muddy).

I have decided that this time I arrive on Friday, but it was so cold that I didn’t bother to walk the course. I asked around how it is as I knew this will be mostly flat kind of course. I wanted just to have a positive experience for my boy.

The stake out was a nice clear field close to start and finish. The organisers provided toilets and shower, which was very unusual in the current situation. Of course all participants needed to wear masks everywhere and no handlers/supporters allowed to attend the event.

When attending the registration, the organiser made sure to check your temperature and only one person at the time was allowed inside following the tapes on the ground.

The musher meeting was done in the massive field so everyone could keep their safe distance. Here I should mentioned that there was music played all day, or any announcement made so everyone at the stake out could here what is happening. There was also track food with any hot drinks/food.

Race Day 1

For a change Masi and I started as last participants of the day, which meant we will probably need to overtake. As we already practised this I wasnt really worrying knowing that the trails are wide enough to keep safe distance. The participants were starting within 1min break. Within first km there was a bit of a downhill but once we passed that we were into the woods, where trails were nice and twisty and what most imporant super soft. There were quiet few distractions for Masi such a stream of fresh water or gooses/ducks in a “kennel”, but he dealt well and stayed focused. Overtaking he took like a pro again. We finished day 1 on 2nd place.

Day 2

Day two was seeded from the day one, so we had a clear trails and just the two of us. This allowed us to focus and just run (I didnt talk to Masi the whole way to see how he is) and we ran 10sec faster than day first which is very unusual for me.

A very dry weekend allowed us to enjoy the sun and lovely location after races. Everyone kept their distance but you did feel like you are together where everyone enjoyed their lunches at the stake out.

photo by Massimo Mazasogni

Overall we finished 2nd. During the podium ceremony due to corona there were no medals or anything, and participants could take off their masks for photos. A beautiful weekend in very well organised environment. I hope more clubs will follow and organise races during this difficult time but at the same time all the participants follow the rules.