As you know I have my new addition already here. Firstly before I start, if you havent read yet the post about my preparation for puppy arrival then follow the link and enjoy reading:

Secondly let me share my experience how it is to bring a new puppy home (or if your amazing breeder just brings it to you). My dogs were aware something is going to happen as a lot of new things in the house. All great, I sat and put little plan together from day 1 when Masi arrives as I wanted make sure I use my holidays as much as possible to make sure dogs are good as a trio.

The plan:

First introduction: 1 by 1 with each dog. I wanted to make sure they met on individual basis rather than the pack bullied the puppy. Roger was brilliant and wanted to play straight away. Miss Laferra… well girls need more time, but I could see she liked him. Lucky for my breeder was there to help me watch the puppy behaviour. All dogs seemed great.

First night: this was little bit a challenge but we all slept together, Masi in his crate with all his stuff from the breeder. He did great, and loved seeing us in the morning. I was like: hmm lets risk it so I took all 3 out together, and they all did great, Lafie had her space, Roger and Masi played played and run.

Day 1-3 day: I was going to observe how dogs interact between each other, before progressing to next step like toys or treats. However the dogs were really awesome so on day 1 the puppy received a toy and there was no problem! It looked like Roger and Laferra just knew to leave him alone. On those days we also started to build the bond between dogs, and myself with Masi. I also progressed on day 2 and started to make them sit and give them treats when calling their name. Firstly Masi wanted them all but he soon grasped the idea of this. Next I was sure they will be all good with me throwing the treats into grass for them to search! Absolutely love that all these happened within only two days. But if for you it isnt going so well keep it longer for dogs just to interact with each other. At the same time twice a day I take Masi fro free running and recall training, he is very good. My two get run with me every morning too so thats the time for puppy to stay alone home in crate (so far so good). I am very lucky that my breeder introduced him so well to the crate as he sleeps 6-7h by himself there and stays no problem if needed.

Remember: the more you watch the dogs behaviour the more you learn about them. If they growl it is ok, leave them, they need to find their own spaces and balance in pack. Every so often they will need your help so just keep watching your dogs.

Day 4-5 well that was my plan to introduce toys and treats but we are passed that stage now. The dogs took the whole playtime to a different level. Roger started to show Masi that it is great to share toys and play together. I only looked but they did very well. No more growling around and I know I can leave the toys with them and not need to watch all the time. This is just going perfect.

Masi continues to sleep alone in crate in other room, however he gets excited and wakes up earlier and earlier as he knows after toilet he gets to bed with us. (I think time to change this). So I have decided not to wake up straight away after I hear him, but let him cry little bit and give up. It is all on my turns. Luckily he continues to be dry and stays no problem over night for 6-7h. I tried also after first toilet put him back to his crate, well he wasnt happy but I am the boss, right?!

Day 6-7 well this is going just perfect last few days I left Masi alone in his crate during the day and just took Roger and Lafie out. He isnt very happy to start but then settles well with his treat inside. This couple dayes I broke and started to leave 2 dogs or 3 dogs alone… I tested different options: Masi in crate and one dog loose. Masi and Roger both loose in the house (apart from kitchen) and finally all three dogs left with their kongs loose in the house. They loved it, how do I know? because I watch them on camera… you can set this up easily having two accounts on skype! One account only you as a contact and in settings: automatically pick up incoming calls. Yes I can call my dogs and watch whenever I want.

We continue out leaving alone training and recall/off lead training as everything else is just perfect. Calm at feeding time, after they all done they run around to each others bowls. No problem there. I feel very lucky, Masi is perfect fit here. Remember it can take a little bit longer with your pup… just be patient! They will come along as they are young and they learn fast. Good luck and enjoy the puppy stage! They grow wayyyy too fast.