Lets remind ourselves about our favourite beaches in Veneto. Now that we cant even visit them.


Recently we have been to the beach, I never knew what to expect during winter months from the beach in Italy. In summer it is just heaven and amazing, but full of people. During winter time…. less people but oh wow how dirty it was full of rubbish, plastic and so on. I was in shock and let the dogs off lead really close to the water to be safe they won’t cut their paws or eat anything they shouldn’t.

A few people passed us, but dogs were really interested in balls and themselves. Masi discovered a new game: catch me if you can with mouth full of all the balls we had.

Of course beach was dirty with natural stuff from the sea. Water seems to be warm for this time of the year too.

I think this was just a great run and fun for dogs.


So with disappointment from Chioggia, this time we went to Lido di Jesolo. Oh wow. What a beautiful place to be. We have arrived quiet early (just after 8am) and literally we only met 3 people there. The beach is nice and wide so dogs could run a lot. Very clean and beautiful sand. Later on the way back to the car I noticed a lot of people with bags cleaning it so it explains why it was so spot on.

Bibione Beach

Beach in Bibione was similar to Jesolo, however I found the parking solution was better and easier to find here. The rule here is that dogs can run free however on a public part during summer and anywhere during winter time. A very nice clean beach within close distance from Jesolo.

Hopefully soon we can go back to Roger’s favorite place on Earth!