Recently many people asked me how is it here in Italy. I am in few groups on facebook where people dont give much hope for moving to Italy for those who have been dreaming about it like me. Ok, let me write a post about how do I enjoy my life here in Italy and my very own experience during last 5 months.

Lets start from the beginning. Job wise, I was very lucky. I got transfer from my current position that I had in Scotland. So same position and the same company. However even tho it sounds simple, it wasnt simple when it came to bureaucracy. On the other hand I believe if someone really wants to find a job there are options here. Even start from the beginning as a waiter! If people know different languages there are a lot of jobs going around as animators! If you really want to find a job, you can do it.

Firstly I needed to sign a contract in Italian (lucky had it in English too) and then followed up with all the papers that needed to be done. I need to apply for codice fiscale which is like national insurance number. You can do it remotely by asking an agency (fee 200euro) and they can do it for you or you can just go yourself to correct office and do it in less than hour by just filling a form, having copy of a passport and original too.

I thought after that it will be easy! Well well… not that easy, but again challenging. I love challenges so here we go. I didn’t have anyone here in Verona who could check the accommodation for me. So I had looked up few on different websites like subito and idealista, and arranged visits for myself. I have booked a flight and rented a car (which even tho I dont have a credit card, I have managed to get, maybe blue eyes helped me haha). Stressful and nervous I arrived a month later for only 24h to check accommodation. Well I loved the house in the mountains, landlord seems cool, but needed as many documents as possible including work contract, references and possibility to call my company too. Finally we have managed to get conclusion and he was happy to sign with me a tenancy contract. Well I needed to pay 3months of worth deposit plus month ahead. 🤷‍♀️ That’s the killer. Therefore, once all paid in all documents have been signed. Oh, landlord forgot to tell me I needed to pay 70 euro for his notary making my contract for rent too. Ok, another 70 euro transferred. My dream living in the mountains is ticked.

Ok, here I come packing and moving and really stressing about it all. It isn’t like moving a house in the same city. I was literally going over 1000km to start my new chapter- my new life. During this time landlord mentioned other things that he never mentioned before: I need washing machine and a bed mattress. Oh great… The two things that I really need! Online search began, so I could sort those two out with my Dad and his van while we arrive to Italy. Later on few days prior the move he said I cant move into the house as we agreed… after discussion or little bit argument I finally managed and I was moving as we agreed just a day later.

Here I am in Italy, sun is shinning, dogs are loving the garden. Great. I cant wait for my new start! All seems going well and I was super excited. Dogs dealt with the whole move and settled very well.

First week in Italy I found out that I need to change my polish registration plate when I get residency here… well I needed residency here so I could open the bank account… noone said to me that before… well residency sorted, I have three months now to sort out… oh when you submit documents for italian plates, you cant drive your car until you get a new plates. Bloody great. After advices from colleagues at work since they bought cars abroad and brought them here, I went to agency and they did all for me. A four weeks wait! The longest time of my life. In that first few weeks of my new life in Italy, I kept getting lost. All those funky roundabouts, scooters, people driving however they wanted, made me really confused!

At work they keep sending me forms to sign for insurance for other things… Great all sorted after a month. I feel happy but this isn’t finish yet.

Residency and la carta di identita had very easy process. All sorted quickly at my commune, great practise for Italian as they literally had no english at all. Remember that the fee for card needs to be paid otherwise you only have nothing worth paper haha 22 euro gone.

Another thing was to sort out health card… with help of a colleague and her phone call to distretto, we found out I need another document from my commune stating I am resident in my house. Ok another 32 euro gone for A4 document. Health care registration done in distretto without any problems. A month later my electronic card arrived home.

In distretto you could also register dogs… well that was discussed in another post 😉 I wont duplicate myself but it was a bit of bureaucracy too.

Finally after 4 months I had all documents, and everything in place.

Yes it sounds like a lot, but I found it all very rewarding as Italians in my commune don’t speak english so I needed to sort out all in Italian. Yes great lessons in practise. My Italian improved so much in that time, that I have very little problem to understand now.

But let me tell you something that really made me feel this is home for me. After 14 years living in Scotland, and before that in Dublin I am in shock how friendly and helpful Italians are. Everyone understands that I am learning Italian and that I am trying. They all love it and they speak simple words and slow for me. In last 5 months I met random people in woods with dogs, in shops, in public offices, in councils that all tried to help and understood me with everything, even more they all wanted to know about my dogs and me. I felt like they cared. All my neighbours are understanding that my dogs are friendly and can bark every so often. They all always ask. Moreover, now I even can say I have friends here already. Strangers who met randomly and they want me to be a part of they life by inviting me for dinners, coffee not just for social meetings but their family houses for family gatherings.

5 months in Italy…. what can I say? I love it and I would defo encourage all those who dream about it to do the move to try it and just move. Italy has so much to offer. I leave work and I feel like I rest properly feeling almost like I am on holidays, at the weekends I can go around and just pretend I am a tourist (with Italian reg plates haha). You only live once. If you won’t do it, noone will do it for you and you might regret it until the end….