You have planned a puppy to join your family? Great! Well done and good luck. Puppies are adorable and cute and so much fun around, but personally I forgot or never really knew as Laferra was 4.5 months when she arrives how hard are puppies!

Apart from making sure your puppy is getting used to the new environment, you need to make sure that it rests properly. Pretty much: eat, sleeps, plays, and repeats… I thought I can do it no problem! Easy! I have continued with his off lead training, give him a little bit more socialising part with new environment where we live, but also let him to get to know Roger and Laferra.

Yes, all these is great but I got a little bit lost and overexcited with him. I forget he is still a baby, and you can easily overdo with his body and it gets tired. My advice let your puppy rest a lot too, there will be plenty times to show him your world. As it gets tired for myself (having support from my breeder helps me a lot), I panic or forget simple common sense really. It is exciting and he is super cute, but he needs to rest and grow well.

There are moments that I should be more the “boss” as Masi is trying to be more like my adult dogs, copying them at everything. An examples of this are jumping when I come home (oh this is bad for puppy!) or jumping off bed! (another bad bad thing). Yes I know he is only 3 months, and he is full of beans, but his body needs to grow! Make sure you are more firm than I am. I am still learning my lesson about having a puppy! So this blog brings you reading that maybe will help you to understand it all more! If you have questions, ping me a message. I am going through this  process as much as you may.It isnt always easy! I have support from breeder and friends.

I read a lot in the internet, I also studied dog behaviour, I thought I am ready. Reality is little bit different, because how do you make your puppy stop doing something when your adult dogs just encourage him to play chase game?!

I feel very lucky as Roger and Laferra listens to what I tell them, so if I tell them to leave him and stop, let him rest, they go to bed too. But this is constant watch and for some it can be hard. Another think to remember is if you have kids they will probably want to play with puppy like my dogs (not that I compare your kids to my dogs!). Make sure you explain your kids that puppy needs rest and can’t be overstimulate.

Well it is all still fun! I love having Masi around, he is so different than Roger and Laferra and he totally fits perfectly into the pack. He is very well behaved pup so I feel very lucky. We continue with all the training.