Four months are passing that we are here in Italy. I absolutely love it and feeling like my dogs loves it here too, they probably feel happy as I am very happy here. I was worried that with the weather change we will struggle to continue with training and our usual routine. My dogs need to be properly exercises physically and mentally to stay at home without being destructive. Specially Roger, who otherwise overthink all that time I am away or just chews my stuff.

Lets start from the beginning

Living in Italy can be challenging and frustrating at some points. Bureaucracy takes a lot of your time and a lot of paper or forms to be submitted. Recently I have finally managed to register dogs chips here. Here is what I needed to register them:

  • their passports and photocopies
  • forms filled with all their details (even tho they made mistakes in Masi’s chip number and Laferra’s brred!)- all fixed now
  • rabies vaccination
  • carta di identita

The office checks all the passports and stamps your new address. As a recipe you receive a copy of the form with stamp on it.

I thought Italy is more modern and all those things could be done online but hey ho every day is a lesson.

Actual living in Italy

I am very surprised how dog friendly is Italy, you can literally take your dog everywhere even supermarket. If it isnt allowed there are signs, but most place are very welcoming, your dog will receive a fresh water in bowl too.

I havent been stop yet by police or carabinierri, but I heard the owner should always carry their passports (however I hope that now they are registered here, it can be easily check that they are up to date with vaccination).

There are a lot of green places to go for walks with dogs, and we just love them very early in the morning. Dogs can just run free and it is still nice and fresh even tho the temps are higher than 20 degrees.

I thought I may struggle to train the dogs like in Scotland, it was possible to do it all year round, but 4-5am in the morning here is just perfect condition for my dogs. I make sure day before and early morning they get a lot of water so are superb hydrated. Therefore I also changed their training to do more short sharp distances in running harness, but I am not going to stop it for the summer. Somehow they need to be fit for September and their first race. For me it is hard to believe my dogs will be ready for the season without training.

Therefore my adult dogs run free everyday with me (well Roger on long lead), so they can monitor their pace and where they want to run. Lucky living near the woods up in the mountains makes it nice and fresh in the morning. Being 900m above sea level, changed not only weather for us but also the air itself as it is 2% less then normal one. I hope this will make me run faster down the mountains.

Passeggiata Montorio Ferrazze San Martino

Once or twice a week I take dogs down from the mountains so they can be back to “normal” air and run of flat route. The place is usually very busy after 8am so I prefer to be there first and early. There are a lot of walkers, dog walkers and runners. It is lovely path of 3km from each side has a stream of water. It feels so fresh almost like up in the mountains and temps are usually much higher here. If dogs need water they can easily just go in and drink. The stream gets deeper, but my dogs cant swim so no use! We stick to not deep part.

After so much running and playing back home I continue to watch and hydrate the pack well.

Italy is challenging but it is also so much fun to be around. People are friendly and love talking about my trio. They are always asking about canicross I do. Now during summer I take time to explain how it works and this time I talk to people means my dogs can rest and paddle in the water if they want to. Also I am impressed when people see that I have my dog on lead, they straight away put their dog on lead or just hold it until we pass. Absolutely amazing.