36 day left in the UK. So far my list things to do is getting smaller which is fantastic as I was stressing I don’t have enough time to organise all. We started packing slowly and as you can imagine dogs are watching. I can see Roger is becoming more anxious, he has 5 different homes before he landed on my doorstep so he get anxious quiet easily and it really affects all of us.

The list is long: notice for flat, notice to bank, sell car/snowboard/tv, pack stuff, give away to charity not needed stuff. However most of the boxes I have managed to pack already. Only really dogs stuff left and my daily used stuff.

Packing with a helper

I know this is a difficult situation for dogs, so I decided to start two months earlier all the packing, so they know it is ok that we have boxes all over the place. Usually everyone advises that dogs shouldn’t see you packing or be around your move. I have decided my two muppets will be involved from the beginning to the happy finish. I want Roger to know that he is mine forever and we are always together.

Over a month left and main things are already in boxes. Dogs are chilled and not bothered about anything whats happening in the house at all. I think task has been successful.

On the site I have now arrange all the travelling to Italy. My father will help me and we will all travel to Verona on 14th March via Eurotunnel. We are planning to approach our new home on the 15th March late in the night. Yes it takes a lot of planning when travelling with dogs as you all know. We are planning to stop in France over night in a dog-friendly apartment, but in between 3-4h quick stop to stretch legs for all of us. I haven’t planned which stops we will use but I know which one are my favourite.

Bye bye UK

When we arrive to the Italy, I will only have two days to make sure dogs are ok to stay alone. I hope that all the travelling for races, and staying at different accommodation will help them to settle in quicker in their new home. I hope you will follow our steps and adventures.

Next step was to check the accommodation and surroundings and decided where dogs will sleep, where will they have access and so on. I also need to think how much freedom I can give to Roger so I dont loose him, when we arrive I go straight to the vet to arrange all (new tags with my italian number are on the way already).

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