You can read first part here. Enjoy.

After few days into light lockdown, Italy has decided to put very heavy restrictions which included walking dogs only within 200m limit from you house and no outdoor activities. I also realised that there is no chance for me going to the shop as it was way too far away or really out of my municipality. Well it is what it is and I found the way as local shops were doing delivery.

Normally if someone would tell me yay being at home will be amazing, I would believe but overall it was a big swing and still is but about that later.

So with all the restrictions I needed to adapt my life but also dogs routine. I have decided to keep their routine as usual with a difference that I am most of the times home with them. I also decided from the start that twice a week I will leave them alone and just sit in my car for some time, just so they dont get separation anxiety when it comes that I need to go back to work.

Every day was different, there were really good days where I worked efficient and had a motivation to do other stuff like learning or reading. However there were plenty days were I literally felt bad and very anxious.

So from may, 3rd many changes has happened, Italy started slowly to re-open. What has changed for me… I could go out more and more with dogs, I haven’t seen any of my friends.

A lot of changes and it is weird that after over two months we are allowed to do things that weren’t. You start to appreciate small things like going out to your favourite places for walks, or even meet the people you know from passing each other. I never actually thought the contact and short conversation with another person will be something that I miss the most.

On the 18th May there are more changes happens but they dont really affects us that much apart from that we can travel little bit more within the region, which I am super excited about. We can go back to our favourite Lago di Garda.

For now I personally take small steps to go back to “real” life. I only venture to train/walk with dogs. I still go very rarely (every 2-3weeks) to the shops for grocery. Everything else I try to buy online.

The whole almost three months were alright, time spend working efficient and spending time on exercising! I also put a lot of effort into italiano, which makes me really happy as being around is way easier if you understand people easier.

Small steps to get back. We shall see how it will be in next few weeks.