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As most of you know, Italy is dealing with a crazy “flu”… I was thinking for few days if I should write a post about the situation here in North Italy or not… But seeing so many stupid posts and fake news I have decided to share with you my experience…

Today we started our day 7 of the proper lockdown.

Let’s start from the beginning…. Italy deals with coronavirus since January, that is when we got our first cases and everyone really ignored it. Many people were saying it is just stronger flu nothing serious, so we continue living our lifes as normal. We watched day by day how it all changed… And it changed dramatically…

Lucky in bad times I live in Veneto, which is a region between Lombardia and Emilia Romagna, which were the most affected and still have the biggest numbers of cases. However everyone was saying everything will be alright we continue as normal, just be extra careful and wash hands and keep distance from each other. On a daily basis we just continue normal… No panic nothing at all. The world was watching what was happening here in Italy but we continue as normal…

Living our life we didnt expect what will happen next, on 28th February we only had 33 cases in whole Italy, but in next 10 days it increased to 10,000 cases and started to spread to other regions. Still no panic, people continue, but on the 9th March decision has been made, the most affected regions are going to lockdown. I started to panic, since I worked 30km away from home I started to worry about what will happen if I will be lockdown and dogs will be alone home…. The next day our Prime Minister decided to put whole country in red zone and make it a lockdown for all. What that meant for us:

#no leaving house uncessary

#you can go to work if needed, but employers should allow working from home

#you can leave for grocery, pharmacy and emergency or doctor appoitments

#everything shut, only shops that provides grocery are allowed to be open

It came as a shock! so whats now. Luckily I have managed to nick to the shop and stock up my fridge and shelves for little bit to stay away from this chaos. I didnt buy too much just enough for 7-10days as the situation was changing so much here. Still no panic in Italy.

The next day Prime Minsiter announced #iorestoacasa = #stayathome which meant that if people were caught wondering unnecessary they would get fine or even go to jail as it was a crime now. Now if you need to go for those 4 above reason you need to have a form filled and showed if stopped, without it once again you will get a fine.

This became a national disaster as Italians really love to be with each other, of course they found the way… singing through balconies and being together in this sad moment. Others encourage others to experiment in kitchens and so on. People found the way how they can things that normally they did face to face online: yoga classes, English lessons or even shopping.

All necessary places like banks, shops and pharmacies are open. To enter shop you need to wait in queue… one person at the time.

I also have decided to go and do my necessary shopping in local shops, once they are smaller and less chances with meeting many people, two just to support local business in this hard time.

Today is day 7th of my lockdown. Today I feel ok… first few days I struggle to find my way or even myself (you know from my instagram stories). I have friends calling and messaging me from around the world… you help a lot… but finally one dear friend told… live like you lived before… find your routine and keep it. And I think so far that have saved me from being and feeling crazy. I stopped watching and reading as much, and try to be busy.

It is hard as you feel very lazy at home… I work from home but I cant just work through 8h like I normally manage in the office, I need to break my day into parts.

Lucky for me I live very remotely… this means I can go to woods and clear my head, but others aren’t even allowed to leave… it is big problem for them, so in this time I am very happy how stubborn I am and chose this place to leave. I can continue with my training and walking dogs as much as I want.

I think the only thing in this whole situation is to find your own routine, continue working if you can, take care of yourself and your mind (meditation is way to go) and just appreciate small things. I learnt a lot of things about myself in last 7 days… and this really teaches me how to be patient…..

It is hard but I wouldn’t manage without all my friends checking on me so thanks! <3

#iorestoacasa #prayforItaly #wearestrong