I guess coronavirus doesn’t want to give up on the world, and keeps going strong still. After few months of going back to almost “normal” life by following some restrictions, it seems now the whole Europe is going back to lockdown. Maybe this is not the lockdown as Italian experienced in March/April/May but the feeling of another “lockdown” is very scary or demotivationing. I thought I will write a post about my experience of staying motivated and focused on everything not just training. But I tell you one thing, it isnt easy and although reading this maybe it will help you, I struggle myself too.

  1. Dont just stay indoor

Ok, I understand there are different rules for different places, but even if it is only 200m or 800m just go out there, get some fresh air and keep moving even if it is just a walk in your own garden. If you just stay in, it is very easy to become lazy for work and training.

2. Reset

If you feel lazy, stop for a second, think what is making you feel that way? Sometimes the lack of motivation is a signal from our subconscious that we are going the wrong way, or we take too much on ourselves and start to feel burned out. But there can be many reasons for the drop in energy to act. It is important to consider what may be bothering us and what we can improve or eliminate. Such a reset and a moment of breathing is the beginning of dealing with stagnation and a decrease in motivation. Also make a list of goals you want to achieve. If you envision the end result, it will be easier to work on the motivation to achieve it.

3. Start now, not tomorrow.

Most of our goals do not get through to realization because we set a magic start date for them: from the new week, from next month, from the new year. We are waiting for better weather and perfect conditions. In fact, we put off the implementation ourselves, cheating with fabricated excuses. In order to act, we must defeat our greatest opponent of achieving our goals – ourselves. We cannot allow forever talking and making plans as it will be in the past, but start acting now, preferably concretely.

4. Release your motivation gradually

A little step forward may not be a great achievement, but the pride of these steps can take us very far. A strong injection of motivation is like an energy bar, for a moment we feel that we can move mountains, but with time this feeling weakens. The key is to act in such a way as to provide your body with the next “kick” on a regular basis. When we learn to do work that we don’t feel like doing without waiting for that “perfect moment”. We develop the ability to act, despite little energy and will, then our body gets a signal that it needs a reward. The feeling of motivation will gradually emerge as a reward for the action taken and we will start working consistently and achieving our goals. What you have to do is get in the habit of acting, even if you don’t always feel like it. Our willpower will push us forward, and the body will reward us with more energy injections.

5. Inspire yourself

We already know that the stage of euphoria, energy to act and great motivation does not last forever. Another thing you can do to energize your body is – inspiration. Talk to motivated people (you can do it online), read the stories of successful people, look for interesting podcasts or maybe even join the online training programme and work with coach, who will motivate and support you (I must admit Ben as my coach helped me a lot to go through the worst times during lockdown, he adapted my programme to what I could do). By surrounding yourself with positive people and success stories, you’ll find it easier to find your will to act, raise your own bar, and each completed task will motivate you to complete the next one.

photo by Howling Portraits

6. Don’t focus on failures

It is hard, I know it myself, I couldnt see the progress in my running. I only had negative thinking and my mind wasn’t in it. Or work was very quiet, or I made mistakes. There are stumbles or no way out situations. Then it is worth finding time to analyse them and draw conclusions for the future. However, it is important not to focus too much on the failure itself, but to use it to look for solutions if similar situations arise in the future.

7. Reward yourself

This is motto of my best friend Monika, she always says to me that after good training I should eat a cake or drink wine and eat chocolate. She always tells me I can’t have constant regime… I need to reward myself.

A little pleasure after achieving your goal will be strengthened by the dopamine injection that will feed your body. You can reward yourself for achievements big and small, reaching a goal, completing a task. It is best to keep a written list of the most important goals and tasks at hand, then you are most aware of all subtasks. The reward does not have to be physical, sometimes it will be even better to plan a moment of peace, tea or an evening with your favorite series.

8. Focus on you

Listen to yourself, focus on you. Dont look at others. Your inside knows the best.

I hope you enjoy the reading. I wish you all to stay motivated, focused and healthy. Let’s follow the rules which will help that coronavirus will go away eventually. If you struggle as much as I, message me.. lets talk, together it is better and easier.