Recently had a visit from a friend and we decided to go to Monte Baldo and spend some time in the Italian Alps.

There a few option but one especially made me excited. there are two lifts on both sides of Mount Baldo: from Malcesine rises the cable car; in direction Avio and the motorway Brennero-Modena rises the chairlift Prà Alpesina. The Malcesine Monte Baldo cableway is open 10 months a year and in 15 minutes travel takes you from Malcesine to Tratto Spino, on Monte Baldo, at an altitude of 1760.

The cable car is well known and very attractive because the cabin of the second trunk makes a complete 360 ​​degree turn during the going up. You will see how beautiful it is to see lake, hills and mountains together, from an otherwise inaccessible perspective.

The cable car is made up of three stations. The valley station is located in Malcesine, in via Navene Vecchia, the middle one is located in San Michele at 580 meters above sea level and the valley station is located in Tratto Spino, on Monte Baldo at 1760 meters.

The first ascent from Malcesine starts at 8 am, the subsequent runs continue at 30 minute intervals. As the influx increases, the runs become continuous.
The time of the last run to go down varies according to the season.

Arriving on Monte Baldo you can take easy walks, enjoy the views or eat some typical dishes in the huts and restaurants near the station.

In between ten kilometres of pistes where you can practice all winter sports, from skiing to snowboarding, from snowshoeing along the Mount Baldo trails to mountaineering. As you know I love new adventure with Masi, so we decided on the cable car.

We have drove to Malcesine, where we have found the parking place easily in the car park under the station. Not quiet expensive but ideal as there were lift up, so not necessary need to leave for outside.

The lady at the ticket office asked if I have muzzle for the dog, when I said yes she said ok, but never told me to put it on (Italian law says dogs should wear muzzles, but no one does it!). I paid 15 euro for return cable car for myself (this includes a day skipass too) and 6 euro for Masi. Bargain really!

So we were off to the cable car, the boy was interested in other peoples skiing stuff: boots and skis. So nice people let him sniff all!.

So I chased it and I didnt put muzzle on Masi, and noone really said anything (same time as when we took a boat from Descenzano to Sirmione). It looks like the muzzle is just in case.

Anyway it wasn’t too busy, so we had plenty space from others. And apart from that sniff the things, Masi is really interested in me and my salmone pate 😉

The cable car moved and we were good to go, I think I was more scared than Masi. I really hate heights and this cable car was swinging a little bit more than I wished for.

So there is half way through station where you are changing the cable car. Still pretty relaxed and not fussed about anything. Masi is such a cool dude to wait calmly.

First thing at the top Masi spotted skiers and really wanted to chase every single one! haha He wasn’t even fussed about his first snow [I was more excited about that than him really].

A short walk around, since it is skiing season so not much space to walk without skiers, so I didn’t want to chance sliding around! haha

We found a lovely place where you can relax in sun and have coffee or drink on super comfy chairs. The view was just stunning. So lovely we were even allowed inside to the restaurant with Masi, but after little bit he really wanted to be more outside than inside (must be those stunning views ;)). Everyone was super friendly with him too. We have a nice coffee and something to eat (up to date best croissant I ever had).

I think photos say for itself how good and lovely this little adventure was. As for high hills and many skiers, I decided to keep Masi all the way on lead. I haven’t seen any dogs’ signs, but there were only separate paths for walkers and skiers.

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