Over just two weeks left until our big move to the Italy. I thought all is going well, unfortunately the more I pack the more I can see dogs are starting to be anxious. Roger is special example for sure. He is so clingy.

Laferra and Roger trying to stop me going to work

Here few points how to deal with dogs stress and it works with my two, however Laferra is very easy (she just wants to be around me, and she is happy):

  • well exercised dogs are happy dogs.
  • I show Roger that I pack his things too.
  • I keep talking to him that he is mine forever (not sure if he really understands this).
  • keep routine as much as possible same.
  • work with Roger brain so he is fully tired.
  • I keep let him pack his own toys.
  • Make sure I keep my stress under control (meditation and yoga).

I tried to search in the Internet how other people manage this kind of situation and I couldn’t find much information (only information that we all need passports hah!). We aren’t just moving a house, we are moving to another country: new smells, new dogs, new food, new everything!

I know there are a lot of magic herbals that you can give to dog to keep them calm or even collars, but in Roger’s case anything unusual in this stressful situation can trigger his allergy back.

Less than three weeks to go now… Wish us luck and if you have any tips for us please share!!