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It has been a long time since our last post but here it is another race report.

In November we have attended Puchar Borów Dolnośląskich 2019, which is near my hometown in Poland. The race was organised by our close friend from Team Poland Rafał.

Unfortunately Roger has been suffering with allergies again and Lafie wasnt really up for running recently, so I didn’t want to push them. I asked Igor Tracz to borrow me one of his dog and he trusted me with his 12.5 years old Nella.

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Nella, 12.5 years old

I arrived on Saturday morning and went to register to nice warm office where were a lot of people but all went smoothly. One lady was giving out the number and checking all documents are in place and another lady was checking dogs’ passport and giving you a goody bag.

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I didn’t bother to check the trails as I was planning to take it easy! Once again I don’t run with my own dog so who knows what would will happen. (oh how wrong I was, which I found out later).

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A lot of athletes came from Czech Repbulic, but aslo Austria or Lithuania. What a great race to be at. The weather was colder than I am used but that’s good excuse to wear a lot of layers hah

So I quickly asked Igor how is Nella and so on, Igor put Masi on stake out so I could meet Nella, she was lovely and in amazing shape. Oh wait where is Masi? Igor what have you done to my dog? Masi slipped out and enjoyed running around! So good he has a good recall. Funny.

Ok the start, I was very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect and first day trails were shorter around 3.5km. Ok here we go Nella is easy to keep at start, no jumping just ready to go. 3…2….1… go… and we are off… First straight up and turn and boom massive long incline… but 12.5 years old dog just goes superb! I am in shock and really push for her, 3.5km is not that long distance.

In the evening there was a musher party with live music. Absolutely amazing and what a jolly evening. Food was superb too. This time I found out that Nella and I were 4th out of 21. Wow how amazing is that!

I stayed around 10min away from the race venue in the apartment with breakfast. Lovely place and quiet for us to rest. We going back there next year.

Day 2 was demanding as trails were much longer- 5.7km. The run with Nella was fantastic, she is such a pro. She runs, overtake nor problem and was being overtaken without any issues (even if one dog lunge slightly towards her). Nella doesn’t need a rabbit to chase and proves that the good training make a good running partner! Absolutely amazing. Once again thanks Igor for saving my event.

With great feeling Nella and I have finished 5th overall. Super happy and in shock of that result. And according to strava Nella and I did my fastest 2miles time ever.

Finally the day wasnt finished yet as Igor let me ran one of his young dogs Jola (over a year) just as of training. We started with two other athletes, but I took time to make sure she is all good. Oh me…. Jola took me to a pace of 3:28 min average over 2km! What a dog but she defo needs more time training and learning.

A slight note on trails: very well marked and taped. Super soft and interesting for the dogs with a lot of single tracks but few fire roads. I hope I can defo go back to this event if it will be organised next year. Well done Rafal and the Team.