As you all know I am picking up the puppy in just over a week. After learning and being in sport for 3 years, and only 2 years on international scene I have finally decided on my own “sled dog”! Feeling very lucky as the only one pup born the boy is mine. “This is Me” Masi (Maserati) is coming from Kika Elfers, Dutch Racing Dog, Netherlands.

Masi boy

Here is how our preparation are going so far.

Let’s start from the short list:

  • crate
  • beds/blankets
  • food
  • bowls
  • toys
  • lines for recall training
  • lead
  • collars
  • name tag

I have been working hard to understand the routine and the environment of Masi in his current home so I can do as much similar as I can for him. I have cleared the spare room from everything and put 3 crates for all three dogs so they know this is their space if they want to go away they can just go there, but also for Masi and Roger this will be their night time place to rest. I also make sure Laferra and Roger met as many puppies around as possible so they will know it is ok with Masi.

Another thing therefore were toys that he likes and prefers to play with. I believe he will love toys that we have already as chuckit balls are the winners for my dogs and it seems that for Masi too. I also arrange beds and blankets. He has some taste.

On the other hand also trying to sort out the house so it is puppy friendly. I am making sure all the cables are hidden, all the boxes, or anything that he can chew on are hidden in boxes or cupboards (this also includes flowers and all ornaments gone).

Another necessaries are his bowls, so far Masi uses raised up stand for feeding, so I have been looking around to find the best one too. On that note I have already some raw meet from the breeder for him so I can transfer him no problem to his new food, which is all ready in the freezer for him. With help of the breeder I have purchased over 40kg for all three dogs.

Next or maybe that where I started my preparation was to how I will transport Masi all the way from Netherlands to Italy. After few discussions with the breeder we decided on the flight in cargo for the boy. He is already getting used to that cargo crate at the breeder house and we are all set with all the documents. Now time to check where at the airport I need to drop him off and pick him up. Verona airport is small and easy but Amsterdam is big (they better not forget about him!).

Keep an eye on most posts! I will keep you updated how we are getting along with all.