Slightly reminder of my old post about travelling with dogs.

As you know we are heading for long road trip with dogs for the ICF World Championship in Lubieszów/Bierawa, Poland. I thought this is great opportunity to write a quick post about travelling with your pets.

Plan the journey

We have a long over 1200 miles to go. I know my dogs can travel long with few stops, as we do that a lot for our races. However make sure your dogs are ok to travel that far.

I always plan my trip ahead and check dog-friendly service stations, where I can walk dogs properly on grass area not just in the corner under one tree. They are the most important for me, so they are relax and happy. I usually like to stop every 2-3 hours too, which really is good for me as a driver too (stretching legs everyone).

Also both dogs have collars with tags on during whole journey. Their place is full of blankets and bedding. I also leave them non-spill bowl with fresh water. This time we will also have a journey with ferry (only 2 hours from Dover to Dunkirk). DFDS already sent me an email remaining me what I need to have with me for travelling with pets, which is really great from them.

I am lucky as we are going first for Canicross Midlands races, which means both dogs will be tired and well exercised. Here are few tips what to do and dont:

  • exercise your dogs prior.
  • avoid feeding or just spread over few meals.
  • make sure you have spare leads and collars.
  • fresh water for dogs.
  • non-spill bowl.
  • pack toys and treats.
  • going abroad have passport and de-worming tablets for coming back to the UK.
  • dont leave dogs in car on a hot days.
  • reward your dogs for good behaviours.