Well I don’t know where to start. I thought I have been to awesome races already but this one is really outstanding for me. Overall the inscription and all the information are in German, but very easy to understand and follow .

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Finishing on Day 2

We have decided to drive overnight so we can arrive Friday morning, and decide on a good spot for camping, as with over 400 athletes attending this event, we knew we need a good spot as we were sleeping in tent. We arrived and it was all very quiet as who would have been up at 6am haha

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Happy Duo

Sorting out the camping was a bit of struggle since staff in hostel couldn’t speak any English, however one of the staff from the SCV Hessenhounds club, who organises the whole event, was very kind and help us! Thank you Annika!!! So all sorted and we were settling in with everything.

Everything around was easy to find and we were ready to do the vet check which you needed to do prior the registration for your BIBs. The organisers arranged three points with vet check so the queues were very small and not much chaos around with dogs. We needed to take our running harness for check too. Ok off we go our turn. Laferra doesn’t like strangers but she was ok, so the vet check her overall and her heart too. She then checked her passport for necessary vaccinations and the other person checked our running harness. Boom Laferra has green mark all over her head meaning we passed the vet control. We were good to go to collect our BIBs.

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Laferra loves canicross

Everything was easy and we got a nice goody bag. So we were ready, well apart from that I totally forgot my running shoes. First time after 5 months we were back to races and I just thought I had them packed. Panic! However lovely friends around were trying their best to help me.


I was informed that there are stands where I can have a look at shoes! So bloody brilliant 130euro down the wallet and I was defo ready for our run. The route was easy 3.9km, well maybe not that easy as the elevation was +97m.

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Vulcanicross trails Day 1

So Day 1 was easy random start list with individual start and 30 sec gap between runners. Demanding downhill with technical twisty rooty trails and eventually 1.2km all the way uphill to the finish was really a killer for legs. My girl worked very hard and we had an awesome fun. We have managed to finish on the 17th position with very close gap to the fastest runners.

Today was totally new experience for us. Our race was very different. The method is called “hunting fox” or “lets chase the rabbit”, all 200 canicrossers were put in order behind the first canicrosser finishing on Saturday. It didnt matter if you are veteran woman or senior man, all together in a order. So you got a Gate Letter and Number, number was your place on a tape… and your letter gate was the places to go through the gates to the starting box. Exciting and confusing but in practise it was very simple.

So today your gap was depending on the time you have finished on Saturday and how did the others finished. We had 4sec someone in front and 5 and 6sec behind. Exciting. So here we go…

We found our place at the tape…. One whistle, that means we are moving towards gates and behind given the paper with our exact start time, we walking through the gates. I keep saying follow G follow G. We are there in lines to the boxes, dogs are really in crowd all together, barking and getting excited about the start. I am thinking this is little bit crazy, but Laferra, my shy dog is loving this and barking and getting super excited! We move towards the box and off we go. Wow I love Laferra she just runs no matter what. This “hunting fox” method gives you an idea who is where and it makes the trails very busy! However I felt all was very under control.

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Day 1

Absolutely amazing event! Totally different but at the same time very high standards and great competition! Organisers were super patient with us asking questions and explaining all in English! Thank you! And we are looking to come back next year. Already dates out: 3-5th April 2020.

Once again SCV Hessenhyounds thank you so much for an amazing event.

photos by:
Sport Photography 2.0 – RKLFoto
Ralf Schomy
Kid Dog Vancation
SCV Hessenhounds