Training everyday is easy, but there are certain things that dont make it all actually that easy. With whole preparation for our big move it is very hard actually. I never thought being mentally tired is worst than being physically tired.

Currently preparing all:

  • boxes are getting ready and full
  • clothes packed, which makes my gear very limited
  • car has been sold (commuting to work require extra energy)
  • arranging everything (documents, dogs, packing, travelling) = high level of stress

So once again I am in situation that I struggle with training and I don’t really want to give up on all those 11 months that I worked hard to be where I am. Oh, and my body says it doesnt like all this stress as I am in the middle of having flu.

So here are points that I am going to do to continue my training:

  • take commuting to work as an extra work (22days of scooting 2.4km twice a day!)
  • ticking off my tasks (step by step, we are almost there)
  • stop stressing! all will be good, almost all is in place now!
  • sign for gym since I dont have really a closeby place to train and weather is very mild for walking far after running
  • dogs will have more rest than usual
  • plan the routines so dogs can get a proper walk
  • plan 4 weekends to spend with friends so dogs can get proper training
  • keep chin up and keep smiling
  • meditate at least 15 min per day