The question why do I do it, or statements that I should take it easy or even a question did you forget about fun in all these are very often thrown at me from friends, family and people around who follows my posts on instagram, facebook and here on blog.

Let’s start it from the beginning. I started all this for Roger to have fun with him but to help him with his behaviour. It worked. Then I met so many nice people in sport and decided to rescue Laferra. Yes, she even helped Roger more. In short those two taught me how to dream and how to follow those dreams. But lets forget about those dreams for a seconds…

Roger, the dog which had 5 different homes before me, thinks that every minute spend with his human is the best time, and just before the alarm goes on, I can feel his breath on my face and slowly wagging tail. He knows we go up, we will have some fun in the woods (it can be either run or walk) but also at home we will do some fun games to work with his wee head. Because it is Roger… it doesn’t matter if it is just 5 minutes or 50 minutes. He just loves me and anything that we do together is the best time!

On the other hand Laferra, the stray which adores Roger more than me from start, proved me that the patient and effort I have made to spend with her, pays off as a happy girl totally bonded to me. She loves to come to me and “whispers” how much fun she has. Again… that early wake up, so worth her face…

Masi, oh Masi, just like Roger starts his tail before the alarm and there is no chance to sleep in as that boy gives you the biggest good morning kisses ever! When he sees the running equipment.. oh well the excitement is that big that he starts to warm up in our garden.

Yes, I combined my training with running free the dogs and I know once they see my running equipment they burst out of happiness and energy. They just know! We have some rest days, but we run and we all love the running. The difference is that I don’t have as much energy as them and sometimes it is hard. Those moments I do fight through with my heart and mind. There is no time for feeling weak. Despite my dogs don’t caring how fast we run, they do enjoy it more then ever before and even Roger came back to being my first choice over Lafie for racing. Hah! He just loves it so much but it is defo on his terms.

If it wouldn’t be for my dogs and our running I wouldn’t be where I am or I wouldn’t see the place that we have explored together.

Yes, I run a lot. Yes I run with my dogs or sometimes I leave them behind and train on my own. Why? It makes me stronger and faster but at the same time I enjoy it more, it doesn’t give me pain or sore muscles. Therefore, I stay very healthy, I think about my food, I sleep super well. In all these crazy thing, there are three happy dogs plus one super healthy human. All for the love for my dogs.

Recently I have met two lovely Italian ladies. We spoke a lot about dogs and my story how I ended up in Italy. Because of people like that I love to share my stories, I love to feel I may have helped you somehow or inspired you to do something similar.

Thank you for following us, reading my crazy posts and for continuous support.

Hope we can inspire and motivate more people out there. Forget about what they say! Yes, I am out with my dogs everyday, but it is totally cool and so much fun! Just do it.