Well with adventurous start to the weekend, I was so so looking forward to racing. As I just dont like things happening to me (only flat tyre, so we are ok!).

But let’s start. Yeti Race was everyone was talking online that it is the one that you can not missed. I was not sure if to go or not, but eventually with pure pressure just signed up for it. Amazing bargain as 2nd sign for the class was for free. I decided to run with both boys since Masi old enough. Long course with Roger and then short with Masi (never again! but later more about why!).

Race was roganised in Crevoladossola which is province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in Italian region Piedmont. It is located around 130km from Turin. Quiet small community but very pretty location for the race. If you turn around there were mountains everywhere. Oh how much I love mountains.

Of course the Italian way pizza party the night before! Great fun and of course everyone super welcoming.

I was staying 15min away from the venue in lovely hostel, super dog friendly in quiet area with an amazing open grass field for dogs to stretch their legs.

Back to race! I have arrived after grabbing my brekkie at local pasticeria, and as quick as I arrived to the venue and parked my car, the vet came to do the vet check. Quick look at passport, Roger was checked properly with stretching his legs and heart beats. He was defo not the easy one as super hyped up as he knew it is race day.

photo by Massimo Mazzasogni

The stake-out area was lovely big field which let it have space as you wanted! i really liked it as it meant dogs could have peace. It was close to start and finish which were literally at the same place. Awesome for people to see the start and finish at the same time.

I found out the place to pick up my bibs and oh wow, they gave me massive goody bag with so many things: proteins bars fro human, some monge dog food for dogs, two yeah two tshirts (one with YetiRace 2020 logo) and a lot of other things in there! Love a good goody bag!

I haven’t seen the trails before but I knew it will be nice soft and twisty. Off we go with Roger. The trails were super interesting for dogs, twisty through the trees, some places slightly confusing as could see runners coming other directions, but for Roger it wasn’t a problem. Masi had a good lesson that the faster he runs and follows the path the faster he catches those runner, but at first he wanted to go short-cut or just over tape! haha

In long course there were some up and downs including one proper: oh f*** downhill, and I was thankful for a small dog. The trails was changing from single tracks to fire roads to just a forest soft road. Roger was loving it. I was concern little bit as half way through I could feel the heat, but the boy run well.

I should also mentioned, that all the organiser spoke a very good english, so it was easier to ask for help or even the count down, or they said when I should have been near start line. You may not realised that not understanding 100% everything what people around you say can add extra stress. Even tho I have been to many different races in different countries, this can make me stressful.

photo by Massimo Mazzasogni

Defo a race to come.. even tho they said it is a fast trails but it was very challenging as dogs could see other runners going opposite direction. Roger was faultless there.

In the short course which was down to 3km, the trails were quiet challenging for not experienced dog and Masi thought first 1.5km to better take short cut to follow the runners he sees by jumping over tape or just run through field… He was faultless to pass people or photographers. After the first part he knew it is better to follow the path after others. A lovely interesting trail again!

Absolutely loved it. My legs not so much after 8.4km. YetiRace is defo a race to come back.